The ESG Benchmark for Real Assets


SuReal is specialized in advice regarding integrated sustainability for large-scale projects.

It is an independent firm of engineer-architects and engineers with a wide range of experience in Integrated Sustainable Design, Architecture, Energy Engineering, Management and Consultancy. Our experts have over 10 years of experience on (inter)national projects.

Our aim is to:
– Have a significant impact in making the real estate sector more sustainable.
– Offer a one-stop-shop solution regarding sustainability expertise.

We have a no-nonsense approach, where we continuously strive towards value-creation and quality. Thanks to the knowledge and the network of our experts, we make sure to provide for every client project-specific guidance. We take up the role of “Sustainability Manager”, where we act as ‘dedicated independent advisor’. With the expertise we bring on board we guide all team members throughout the entire project to achieve the predetermined sustainability ambition.

We believe in co-creation, excellence and innovation. We stand for an integrated approach where for each project the optimum between economy, ecology and social aspects is set as target covering all domains of sustainability (meaning comfort, energy, materials, waste, water, etc). Innovative concepts and visions are constantly supported by detailed studies to provide founded solutions.

SuReal aims at a sustainable, future-proof urban environment.

“We are Sustainable Real Estate Rock Stars!”

SuReal’s services:
– Certificates (BREEAM, WELL, PHPP, Durability meters, Custom made)
– Comfort Studies (Thermal, Visual, Air)
– Energy (EPB, TCO)
– Urban Impact (Wind, Water, Irradiation, Ecology, Waste, …)
– Materials (LCA, Hygrothermal)
– Technical (Geothermy, District)


Sunita Van Heers, Managing Director


  • Certifications & Data
  • Energy & Emissions
  • Waste
  • Water


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