The ESG Benchmark for Real Assets

Quinn & Partners Inc.

ESG consultants to investors and companies

Quinn & Partners is a sustainability strategy and integration advisory firm. Their clients are alternative investment fund managers, portfolio companies and public companies across many sectors globally.

They support their clients to design and execute sustainability leadership strategies to strengthen their position with customers, investors, employees and other stakeholders. Their mission is to advance sustainability integration in both business and capital markets.

Expertise in many infrastructure sectors globally

The team has experience with companies in the transportation, conventional and renewable energy and communications sectors across four continents to develop sustainability objectives, programs, metrics and reports. They also support investment managers and GPs to systematically embed ESG considerations in their processes, support due diligence, measure progress and report to LPs and beneficiaries.

GRESB track record

Quinn & Partners has supported more than 50 GRESB Infrastructure and Real Estate Assessment submissions, participates in GRESB technical working groups and contributes to GRESB training. Through working with clients on GRESB survey simulation and response submission, they have developed effective methodologies and tools for data collection, portfolio footprinting and verification, including outreach to third party portfolio companies and asset operators. This helps clients simplify, validate and accelerate survey submission, and identify improvement opportunities at the fund and asset level.

Additional expertise in the real estate industry

In the real estate industry, Quinn & Partners has ongoing relationships with North America’s largest institutional investors, REITs and integrated real estate companies.


Francisca Quinn, President and CEO


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  • Energy & Emissions
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Strategy Governance & Disclosure
  • Verification & Assurance


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