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The GRESB Benchmark continues to grow each year, with more real estate and infrastructure entities looking to get a handle on their sustainability data.

Join the GRESB Partner Program

Partner with the global ESG benchmark to gain visibility and access to our expanding network of asset managers and investors.

Through the GRESB Partner Program, talented sustainability advisors and software solution providers work with fund managers, companies and asset operators who participate in GRESB Assessments. Partners help them collect, report and manage their ESG data as well as complete the GRESB Assessments and improve their overall sustainability performance. Asset managers use the GRESB Assessments and related benchmarks to engage with investors, measure and manage their ESG performance and prepare for climate-related financial risks.

GRESB works with the leading national, regional and global industry bodies and associations working in real estate and infrastructure sectors. These Industry Partners collaborate with us to improve sustainability best practices in real assets.

Benefits of becoming a GRESB Partner

  • Visibility to the GRESB network
    We actively promote partners to our more than 2,200 real estate and infrastructure members, across all assessments and through key channels such as benchmark reports, assessment guidance material and in the highly publicized GRESB Results. 
  • Event access
    Enjoy preferential networking and relationship-building opportunities at co-hosted events, both in-person and online.
  • Thought leadership
    Stand out as an industry expert by publishing client case studies and articles on GRESB Insights (our blog) and through our training platform. 
  • Exclusive updates and engagement
    Receive monthly partner updates, join quarterly calls with the GRESB team and have the opportunity to participate in advisory groups like our Regional Standards Committee. 
    Leverage the GRESB API to help GRESB members report asset-level data to the GRESB Portal – or use the standard spreadsheets for data entry.
  • Training partner
    Become eligible to organize, host and deliver GRESB training sessions, either in-person or online, subject to our license agreement.

Levels of partnership

Three levels of paid membership are open to commercial organizations like consultants and solution providers. You can become a partner dedicated to our real estate members, infrastructure members or both. Partnerships are available at the Global Partner, Premier Partner or Partner levels.

Industry bodies and media and research organizations can sign up to partner with GRESB without a paid subscription.
Inquire about industry partnership here.

    Listing in the GRESB Member & Partner DirectoryALL REGIONSUP TO 2 REGIONS1 REGION
    Link to Partner Directory in annual email to all participants announcing GRESB Assessment Portal opening. ALL REGIONSUP TO 2 REGIONS1 REGION
    Links to Partner Profile from GRESB Benchmark Reports by indicator and at the end of the Reports.
    Listing on GRESB Guidance Materials and Reference Guides
    Posting of events, trainings, webinars on GRESB Event calendar.
    Eligibility to post client case studies and articles on GRESB Insights showcasing partner expertise
    Eligibility to participate in GRESB Advisory Groups1 SEAT1 SEAT
    Eligibility to participate in GRESB Industry Working Groups
    Eligibility to host or be an event partner
    for GRESB Results Events
    Preferential attendance to GRESB Results Events
    Dedicated lesson in online training courses for Partner Directory
    GRESB Data Partner: Access to the GRESB API program focused on linking the GRESB Portal to asset-level data collection tools
    GRESB Training Partner: Eligible to organize, host, and deliver GRESB training sessions, in-person or online, subject to the GRESB Training Partner License Agreement.
    Bespoke marketing collaborations
    Exclusive Partner updates
    Annual Fee for 2022: EUR 16,000 (USD 19,200)Annual Fee for 2022: EUR 8,000 (USD 9,600)Annual Fee for 2022: EUR 4,000 (USD 4,800)
    • Listing in the GRESB Industry Partner Directory, with links to your Partner Profile with an organizational overview
    • Eligibility to participate in GRESB Advisory Groups or Industry Working Groups and provide input into GRESB Assessment, Component and Module development
    • Opportunity to participate in GRESB Events
    • Eligibility to submit case studies to online training platform as well as articles to GRESB Insights
    • Access to custom data designed to address specific requirements or research objectives*
    • Joint events, webinars and other marketing collaborations*
    • Access to the GRESB API program focused on linking the GRESB Portal to asset-level data collection tools and rating schemes*
    • Collaboration on award programs*

    *Fees may be applicable for additional collaborations. Details to be agreed on an individual basis.

  • Partnership is available at three levels – Global Partner, Premier Partner and Partner.

    ● Global Partner: EUR 16,000 (USD 19,200)
    ● Premier Partner: EUR 8,000 (USD 9,600)
    ● Partner: EUR 4,000 (USD 4,800)

    Partnership for Real Estate and Infrastructure is charged separately. Find more information on the annual fee schedule here.

Become a GRESB Partner