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WatchWire is an entrepreneurial, private equity backed New York City-based provider of sustainability and energy management software-as-a-service and associated professional services to large commercial and corporate real estate, retail portfolios, industrial energy consumers, and utilities.


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By combining various streams of utility, weather, commodity market, metering, and building data in our integrated sustainability and energy management platform, we provide data-driven services and insights that help clients track and meet their ambitious sustainability goals, while also saving them time and money, reducing risks, and identifying cost saving opportunities.

Through our platform, we serve nearly a billion square feet of real estate, thousands of utility accounts, and ~$3 billion in annual utility spend across 49 states and 4 continents. Our clients range from mature sustainability veterans representing GRESB sector leaders, ENERGY STAR Partners of the Year, and progressive thought leaders, to companies just starting the sustainability journey with their first voluntary report(s), as well as clients simply interested in optimizing their utility bill management and reporting practices. Regardless of the ultimate end use case(s), timely, accurate, and complete data is paramount to energy and sustainability management and reporting.

Insights written by WatchWire:

  • Articles Quality Data is the future of ESG

    Quality Data is the future of ESG

    Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) is no longer just something that is nice to participate in –it’s quickly becoming one of the top ways for organizations to stay relevant and gain public trust.

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    How Energy and Sustainability Management Can Help Countries Meet Their COP26 Goals

    At the COP26 summit in Glasgow, Scotland, world leaders made non-binding targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions and move beyond the pledge of net-zero emissions towards operating at a carbon-negative level – meaning they absorb more climate-changing emissions than they produce each year.  These promises are well and good, but they must be backed up […]

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  • Articles Peak Load Management Primer

    Peak Load Management Primer

    As a consumer of electricity from the grid, you pay for both the actual energy you consume (the kilowatt-hours) and the amount of energy that needs to be available to serve your account based on your peak load(kW demand). This peak kW, or peak load contribution/capacity tag/cap obligation (various names depending on the market), can comprise up to 50% of your supply bill and more than 30% of your total electricity bill (supply + delivery).

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