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In order to achieve Taiwan’s goals on sustainability and resiliency in all AEC related areas, Taiwan Architecture & Building Center(TABC) was founded in 1988 by a joint effort between Taiwan’s Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. TABC’s earliest efforts were focused on EEWH certification system -including Green Building evaluation and Green Building Materials Assessment- both of which eventually became mandatory requirements stated in Taiwan’s Architecture Building code.

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The BIM lifecycle services include: modeling, CDE Service, Clash Detection, Energy and Airflow Simulations, Budget Control, BIM-FM, BIM Library, Generative Design among others. Currently, TABC does not only provide EEWH and BIM services encouraged by Taiwan’s government, but rather expanded and formed a compliance program with GBCI-LEED Certifications -in a local context- and IWBI -WELL Building Assessment- with all kind of evaluations across the AEC industry.
From a technological aspect, TABC has been working to comply with the National 2050 Goal of carbon emissions reduction, and in order to do so, we are on the way of developing a set of design guidelines for a Nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB) assessment. Thus, paving the way to enable the energy roadmap on building transformation.
Considering everything mentioned above, we are stand as the only governmental organization authorized to ensure the design, developing, construction, building materials, facility and asset management via AIoT Digitalization. To get to know TABC further, we invite you to access our secondary websites for more detailed information.

1. EEWH Online (Green Building Evaluation)
2. EEWH Green Building Material Assessment 
3. Intelligent Building Assessment 
4. Seismic Design Specifications 
5. Fire Safety Building 
6. BIM+ Studio and Object Library