Infrastructure Public Disclosure

GRESB Infrastructure Public Disclosure evaluates the level of ESG disclosure by listed infrastructure companies

The data is collected for the full GLIO Global Coverage to produce a Public Disclosure Level that is accessible to GRESB Investor Members.

What is GRESB Public Disclosure?

GRESB Public Disclosure offers investors a unique tool to measure material sustainability disclosures by listed infrastructure companies. The data is collected for all 140 companies in the GLIO Global Coverage Index.

The evaluation is based on a set of indicators aligned with the GRESB Infrastructure Assessment, allowing for a comparison of ESG disclosure performance between GRESB participants and non-participants. It also provides investors with a resource hub to access ESG disclosure documents across their listed investment portfolio.

  • Disclosure of sustainability governance
  • Disclosure of sustainability implementation
  • Disclosure of operational performance data
  • Disclosure of stakeholder engagement practices

How is GRESB Public Disclosure data collected?

The GRESB team collects ESG disclosure data from publicly available sources and adds this to the online GRESB Portal. The data is open for review from 1st April through 1st July each year, in parallel to the GRESB Infrastructure Assessment reporting period.

During this period, listed companies have the opportunity to review and amend the public disclosure data collected by GRESB. All updated data is then included in GRESB’s validation process.

The steps to follow to update your GRESB Infrastructure Public Disclosure Data are set out in the Reference Guide

How is GRESB Public Disclosure different from the Infrastructure Assessment?

The GRESB Infrastructure Assessment evaluates a wider set of ESG indicators in addition to those covered in GRESB Public Disclosure.

The reported data is validated, scored and benchmarked, resulting in an in-depth analysis of the sustainability performance of companies and funds, in both absolute terms and relative to peers.

How is GRESB Public Disclosure data scored?

The Public Disclosure information includes 22 industry-specific indicators. Each indicator is awarded zero or full points, depending on the availability of evidence. Combined, these indicators add up to a maximum of 100 points. Constituents receive a GRESB Public Disclosure Scorecard with their Disclosure Level, from A to E.

GRESB places an entity’s Public Disclosure Level into context by assigning it to a comparison group based on country/region, sector and market value.

GRESB Investor Members are able to view the Public Disclosure level and supporting information for all entities.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • All constituent listed infrastructure companies can access their Public Disclosure Scorecard in the GRESB Portal after the September results release.

    If you represent a Public Disclosure constituent but do not have a GRESB Portal Account linked to a scorecard, please contact us.

  • Public Disclosure results are freely accessible to both listed infrastructure companies and GRESB Investor Members with a listed data subscription.

    Learn more about the benefits of becoming a GRESB Investor Member.

  • The 2020 dataset covers the full GLIO Global Coverage. Please contact us to receive the full constituent list.

  • Pre-filled disclosure data can be updated when the GRESB Portal is open for participation between April 1 and July 1 each year.

  • All companies in the GLIO Global Coverage index are eligible for participation in GRESB Public Disclosure.

    GRESB only pre-fills Public Disclosure data for a selection of constituents in the GRESB Portal.

    Listed infrastructure companies that have not been selected for pre-filling but wish to participate in GRESB Public Disclosure should provide their own ESG Disclosure data in the GRESB Portal.

  • Yes, all constituents are encouraged to update any pre-filled evidence so that it reflects their most recent ESG performance disclosures.

    Please note that you can only update Public Disclosure data when the Portal is open. The GRESB Portal is open for reporting between April 1 and July 1 each year.

  • If you are familiar with your organization’s website and the GRESB Portal, checking and updating the Public Disclosure Indicators should take no more than 20 minutes.

  • GRESB Public Disclosure and the GRESB Infrastructure Assessment are scored independently of each other.

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