Guidance for GRESB Investor Members

The GRESB Portal is designed to make your ESG engagement with your managers as productive as possible. It’s your attention to ESG benchmarking and transparency that is driving progress towards a future with more sustainable buildings and infrastructure.

Increase your coverage

By encouraging your managers to participate in GRESB, you will be able to maximize your portfolio coverage for ESG data and draw more meaningful benchmark comparisons and portfolio insights.

ESG Coverage

GRESB ESG data and benchmarks cover $6.4 trillion in real estate and infrastructure value and include more than 117,000 geo-coded assets. We cover both private and public markets and data is reported to us at both the portfolio and asset level. Our comprehensive coverage provides an unrivaled set of data and insights for the investment market.

See GRESB Assessment Participants

We have created example letters for you to download and send to your managers:

Track reporting to GRESB

To maximize portfolio coverage and achieve a full portfolio view, you can track Assessment reporting progress, contact account managers and request data access for your investments.

  • The Response Tracker allows you to track the progress of Assessment reporting.

    Start by logging into the Portal. In the 2021 column, you can track the reporting progress and identify investments that may require additional outreach.

    1. Review reports from previous Assessment years.
    2. Track progress in completing the 2021 Assessment.
    3. Review the intention to submit and click on the “i” icon to review additional notes from a manager as to why they will or will not submit.
  • From the Reports overview, you can reach out to managers directly from the Portal and encourage them to participate.

    4. Click on the mail icon in the “Contact” column under Accessible Reports to send an email to the account managers of an entity.

    For those managers who haven’t responded to GRESB in the past and aren’t in the Portal yet, we have prepared example letters to support your communications.

  • In the Reports overview, select the Request Access tab. All participant entities that are available in the GRESB Portal are displayed in this tab.

    1. See in which years an entity has participated.
    2. Clicking on the Request Access button will send a request to the account manager(s) of that entity to grant access to their GRESB data. You are able to include a custom message to the account manager(s). Once access is granted, you will be notified via the GRESB Portal.

    Investors with ‘Non-listed’ data subscriptions are able to request data access to non-listed participant entities.

    Investors with “Listed” data subscriptions are automatically granted access to all listed entities.

    You can monitor and cancel access requests in the Pending Access Requests tab.

ESG data to inform your engagement

As an Investor Member, you can access data and analytics for your investments. You can view individual Benchmark Reports, analyze your portfolio in flexible ways and export the data for additional analysis.

Benchmark Report

The Benchmark Report contains an indicator-level analysis of the ESG performance of your investments in both absolute terms and relative to peers. It is designed to identify areas of opportunity and risk in your portfolio and deepen your engagement with managers on sustainability issues.

Portfolio Analysis Tool

Using the Portfolio Analysis Tool, you can perform a portfolio analysis for self-selected groups of your investments, including applying weights and customized benchmarks. The tool provides insight into how each investment contributes to the portfolio’s aggregated ESG performance. It also provides a combined environmental footprint of the investment portfolio.

Data Exporter

The Data Exporter provides access to all data points in the Assessments. The datasets are available for download in .csv and .xlsx format so that you can integrate the data more easily with your existing portfolio management systems and use in your own modeling.

  • As a GRESB Investor Member, you can request access to the Assessment results through the GRESB Portal and use the GRESB Scores, Ratings and peer benchmarks as the basis for engagement with your managers.

    We are committed to supporting this engagement and have prepared two example letters that you can send to your managers:

  • In the Accessible Reports tab, you are able to:

    • View individual Benchmark Reports of Real Estate and Infrastructure participant entities for which you have been granted access.
    • Apply filters to find the results of specific participants.
    • Find an in-depth analysis of a participant’s sustainability performance.

    What you can do:

    1. If you have both Real Estate and Infrastructure data subscriptions, use these tabs to switch between the two.
    2. Current and historical Benchmark Reports for participating entities that you have been granted access to.
    3. All participating entities in the GRESB Portal and an overview of the entities for which you have pending access requests.
    4. Search/filter for participants with specific criteria.
    5. Information about the participant’s legal structure, sector and region.
    6. Review the GRESB performance of the participating entities to which you have access. Benchmark Reports are available for all previous years that an entity participated, except when participating under Grace Period, which allows an entity to not disclose their results in their first year. A Benchmark Report contains an in-depth analysis of an entity’s ESG performance.
    7. In addition to the Real Estate Benchmark Report, you are able to review the Public Disclosure performance for all listed property companies and REITs, starting in 2017.

Engagement Timeline

Here is an overview of key dates and investor engagement activities for the GRESB Assessment Cycle.

January -
Review 2020 Assessment Participants to calculate your portfolio coverage. Contact your managers to request participation in the 2021 Assessment in order to increase your coverage.
April -
April 1: Assessment Portal opens. Use the “Invite” feature in the GRESB Portal to contact your managers and prompt participation. The Response Tracker enables you to track the reporting progress.
July -
July 1: Assessment Portal closes. The data is validated, objectively scored and peer benchmarked.
October 1: 2021 Real Estate and Infrastructure Results available in the GRESB Portal.
Review the GRESB Scores and GRESB Ratings for your investments. Engage with your managers on their performance based on their Benchmark Reports. Access the Portfolio Analysis Tool and the Data Exporter to inform your decision-making.
Join us for the GRESB Public results events.