GRESB Training Partner

The GRESB Training Partner Program provides Global and Premier Partners the opportunity to organize, host, and deliver GRESB training sessions, in-person or online. This helps Training Partners position themselves as subject-matter experts, generate new leads, and support capacity building in the industry.

Criteria & Obligations Text

In order to join as a GRESB Training Partner and maintain eligibility, the following criteria and obligations must be fulfilled by the Training Partner and any person actually performing the trainings on its behalf.

  • All Trainers shall be approved by GRESB before starting as a Trainer, which approvement shall be subject to:
    • the Trainer having at least one year of demonstrable experience with GRESB Assessment reporting, to be evidenced by references;
    • the Trainer having followed the complete online GRESB training program, and;
    • the Trainer passing a test to demonstrate his/her knowledge and understanding meets the required level.
  • All Trainers must annually attend at least one (virtual) “update and refresh” session (1,5-2 hours) with GRESB representatives and go through the changes regarding updates in Assessment structure, indicators, reporting process, and scoring.
  • A minimum number of two Trainers per in-person session is required to ensure quality and effective delivery.
  • Training Partners will need to share the full details of the training registrants and attendees with GRESB. Training Partners shall ensure the registrants and attendees consent to sharing these details.
  • Training Partners and their Trainers are not allowed to edit the basic content GRESB provides to them without consent. However, they can add additional content (e.g., case studies).
  • Training Partners can share the basic content as PDF with the Trainees.
  • Trainers will follow-up on any questions they were not able to answer during the training sessions and ensure answers will be communicated back to the Trainees.
  • Trainers must provide a training evaluation form after each training session they delivered, including an indication of what went well and what could be improved.
  • Trainers should obtain and maintain a minimum score acceptable to GRESB, based on evaluation forms collected from the Trainees after each training session. The evaluation form, provided by GRESB, will have standard questions, and the feedback should go straight to both GRESB and the Training Partner.
  • The Training Partner is fully responsible for its Trainers to comply with the above criteria and obligations.
  • GRESB shall be entitled to attend any training sessions in order to evaluate the performance of the Trainers.

Training Partner

  • Scheduling and timely delivering of GRESB training sessions
  • Sending out invitations and reminders, managing attendee lists and attendee queries, and securing training venues.
  • Setting and collecting the training fee.
  • Providing GRESB with advance copies of all marketing and/or communication materials – including standardized communication with attendees – by e-mail at
  • Complying with (local) rules and regulations, including privacy regulations.

Qualification begins in Q1 2021 by ensuring your Trainers complete the 2021 Online Training courses.


  • Producing the training materials, including providing the Training Partner with basic content in the form of a slide deck, and providing access to the online GRESB Demo Portal.
  • Promoting all training sessions delivered by the Training Partner (and other Training Partners).
  • Providing a (virtual) “update and refresh” session for Trainers, at least once per year.
  • Organizing evaluation sessions with the Training Partner and/or its Trainers, at least once per year.
  • Attend the start of training sessions virtually to make an introduction and build a connection with attendees, where possible.

Training Partners are obligated to pay the GRESB Global or Premier Partner fee within 30 days of receiving their annual invoice.

The Trainer Partner will retain 100% of the revenues from the training fee it receives from Trainees.

If you’re interested in becoming a GRESB Training Partner and want to see the full License Agreement, contact Sacha van Tuijn