The ESG Benchmark for Real Assets

What are our values?

We are collaborative

Almost 10 years ago, GRESB was established by a unique collaboration of the world’s largest pension funds and academics from Maastricht University. The collaboration has grown to include leading institutional investors, companies, fund managers, asset operators, service providers and industry associations working together to solve the tough sustainability challenges facing our sector. Our shared vision of “Sustainable Real Assets” will only be achieved with a combined industry effort.

We are leading

Engaging closely with the real estate and infrastructure sectors, GRESB has helped develop and define ESG concepts with a framework that has become the global standard. The GRESB Assessments show what sustainability leadership looks like for real estate and infrastructure investments and help investors and managers take actions to move in this direction. Benchmarking encourages peer comparisons which in turn drive progress toward the future we are building together.

We are dedicated

We are dedicated to providing standardized and validated ESG data to capital markets. Our work at the intersection of sustainability knowledge, analytics and software development allows us to provide data and insights that influence investment decisions of over USD 4 trillion in real estate and infrastructure value. We’re driving ESG transparency at scale, helping investors and managers make better decisions and facilitating a market shift towards sustainable real assets.

We are transparent

We are committed to being transparent about our scoring methodologies, validation, and the governance structures and processes that underpin our Assessments. By being transparent about why investors and managers use our Assessments and Benchmarks and the methodologies behind what we do, we enable our stakeholders to decide for themselves if we can advance their sustainability efforts.

Integrity comes from our values

Integrity works on many levels at GRESB. From doing what we say we are going to do, to treating our stakeholders fairly, engaging deeply with the industry and delivering solid Assessments that investors and managers can trust.

Current Vacancies

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