The training program is offered from March to May 2015, aligned with the timing of the annual GRESB Survey. It offers a high-quality and content-rich educational experience, addressing all aspects of sustainability in real estate portfolios as covered by the GRESB Survey. GRESB Members will be offered one free training place per organization. Members who want to take advantage of this opportunity can email GRESB at with their choice of location and will receive a special promotional code. Find out details about the program, including dates, locations, fees and program particulars. Instructions regarding registration and attendance can be found here.
March 31, Amsterdam - GRESB and the Blue Sky Group are holding an event on sustainability within real estate equity and debt investments, including presentations by industry leaders and experts from Blue Sky Group, FGH Bank, Prologis, and Kempen Capital Management.
April 1, Brussels, Belgium - GRESB and Bopro are organizing a sustainability conference where senior Belgian industry figures and speakers, including AG Real Estate, Business & Society Belgium, Euronext Brussels, Bopro and GRESB, will share their views on trends and opportunities facing real estate investment, particularly as it relates to sustainability.
April 8, Copenhagen - The roundtable will present a debate on the latest trends in sustainability assessment, reporting and benchmarking in the real estate industry and how smart sustainability programs could lead to economic savings, including presentations by Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB, Norrporten and GRESB.
April 9, Warsaw - The conference will feature senior industry experts and speakers from CBRE Global Investors,, CBRE and GRESB to share their views about the sustainability trends and opportunities facing real estate investment in Eastern Europe.