Weingarten Realty Wellness Program

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Purpose of the project

Weingarten Realty is committed to Employee Health and Wellness. The Weingarten Realty Wellness Program is focused on improving, enhancing and developing our Associates mentally, physically and professionally. Associates are encouraged to participate in a variety of programs and earn Wellness Points that earn prizes. The program offers flexibility in that Associates can pick which programs or activities that they want to participate in. From seminars, charitable events or fitness competitions, there is something for everyone.



Each year, Weingarten Realty develops a Wellness Program with a specific approach and theme. For the 2015 calendar year, the Wellness Program focused on fitness and financial wellness. During 2014, the focus was on fitness and nutrition. Our program, which runs from January through November, is developed based on employee feedback that we receive from surveys that are distributed at the end of the Wellness Program. Each month there is a specific theme and activity. For instance, our Wellness Program in 2014 offered associates four healthy cooking classes and a nutrition seminar. In addition, we also conducted Fitbit Competitions. Since 2013, Weingarten has offered Fitbits to all Associates at a price of $35 ($100 retail) per device. The Fitbit competitions are both individual and team oriented. For Wellness Year 2015, we developed a financial wellness program that includes three financial seminars. Sessions start at the very basic level and will conclude with an overview of the Weingarten Realty Retirement Programs. Additionally in 2015, Weingarten is offering on-site Weight Watchers meetings; healthy cooking with WildTree; onsite seminars that focus on professional development; onsite exercise classes and Fitbit competitions. Our goal is to get Associates involved in what they have an interest in, get them to interact with their fellow Associates and hopefully take ownership in their own wellbeing. Since prizes are based on point accumulation, there is something for everyone.



Weingarten Realty has offered a Wellness Program for the last 10 years. While results are somewhat hard to measure, we do receive very positive feedback from Associates. In order for an Associate to be eligible for a prize, they must complete an annual survey. Survey data will include personal achievement information and suggestions for the next year. Associates have told us that the program has helped them improve their overall health by creating awareness and offering valuable resources.


"At Weingarten Realty, we are committed to our role as a corporate partner to the environment, our stakeholders, and the communities we serve. We recognize that our associates are vital stakeholders in the organization. Our Wellness Program emphasizes this commitment by offering our associates valuable tools and resources to improve their health, financial, and environmental wellness."