Waste Management

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

 Purpose of the project

Data collection and tracking programme on waste collected at The Link REIT’s properties. To minimise impacts on environment and handling costs


The Link REIT follows a six-step road map to develop the waste management programme. The Link REIT begins by tracking waste data; quantifying what are facing; and prioritizing waste-reduction activities, such as eliminating the amount of waste from source, reusing or recycling materials onsite or externally. Then develop strategies on how to manage the collected waste and related logistics; produce an implementation plan; carry out process review and examine data integrity and evaluate the performance on reducing the total load; and lastly to carry out improvement measures to target for higher performance. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is currently being used at Lok Fu Plaza to assist with collection of data. There is source separation of waste prior to using RFID. Data are collected and subsequently analyzed internally. The results are circulated to the senior management including property management and sustainability team. The data are essential information for The Link REIT to understand how much waste was collected and how much we could possibly reduce. The RFID technology is being considered to be adopted at other sites.


Weighing of the waste directly from the truck is being explored but yet to be adopted by The Link REIT. The food waste reduction programmes and partnership with NGOs have been a result of realizing the large amount going to landfill through use of new technology, and The Link REIT exploring new avenues to combat this.


The current arrangement of disposing commercial waste to landfills is free and costs to shopping centre owners/managers are mainly labour cost and logistics expenses. Considering the implementation of new Municipal Solid Waste charging scheme and to mitigate negative environmental impact, we explore better alternative ways to manage the waste collected.

- The Link Real Estate Investment Trust, The Link Together Initiatives