Tenant Energy Savings Challenge

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Purpose of the project

The "I Will if You Will" tenant energy savings challenge provides building occupants with personalized information and feedback on the impact of their energy management actions. The Challenge, part of Shorenstein’s signature Flip the Switch tenant engagement program, empowers tenants to save energy and greenhouse gas emissions by tracking office equipment energy use with modlet monitoring outlets. The Shorenstein G.R.E.E.N. Committee modelled the Challenge after the 2013 Earth Hour campaign and leveraged technical support from the Environmental Defence Fund to create the Challenge. 


In 2014, Shorenstein launched the nationwide "I Will if You Will" Challenge, engaging 31 tenants representing 1 million square feet of office space across Shorenstein’s national portfolio over a 3-month period. Property Managers offer a fun reward such as a gift card raffle or pizza party (the “I Will”) if participants commit to adopting energy saving strategies for their office devices   (the “You Will”). Property Managers provided modlet hardware and software, made by ThinkEco Inc., to wirelessly track real-time office device energy use and measure energy savings.


The Challenge resulted in 27% energy savings over baseline energy use as a result of simple strategies such as shutting off devices at the end of the day, enabling sleep mode on computers, and installing timer switches on break room appliances. In total, over 1 ton of carbon emissions were avoided from 221 devices during the 3-month Challenge, equivalent to the carbon sequestered by 91 trees. Follow-up survey results indicate that 89% of participants continued the savings strategies following the Challenge and 50% adopted new power management practices at home. “Shorenstein’s Challenge educates individuals about plug load energy use and prompts behavior changes” said Jun Shimada, CEO of ThinkEco Inc.


We believe that tenant education and engagement are critical to energy efficiency and the success of any sustainability program. The Flip the Switch program and I Will if You Will Challenge not only provide tenants with the motivation to make a change but also with the tools and strategies to do so.

- Lisa Mize, Senior Vice President for Property Management, Shorenstein