Smart metering of retail shops

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Purpose of the project

The purpose of the project is to enhance the energy awareness of (small) retail shops, as well as the collection of retail energy use data by the landlord. Former, acquiring energy use data has been proven difficult, because tenants had to read meters themselves. These meters are often stowed away behind panels and store displays. The yearly energy bill provides no information on the achieved savings.


Each tenant has received an offer for the installation of a smart energy meter, at no costs for them. With the placement of the meter tenants agree to the sharing of data. Monthly, each tenant receives a pdf report with the actual energy use, achieved energy saving, examples of saving measures and comparison with other shops of the same retail type.


So far, approximately 30% of the retailers have accepted the offer and use the smart energy meter. Each month they receive a smart meter report, with detailed information on achieved energy savings, possible saving measures and expected energy costs. These saving measures can be surprisingly simple, such as the adjustment of time settings of the HVAC system to shopping hours.


"Sharing actual energy usage data is an essential element in the engagement with retailers concerning sustainability. A detailed insight in achieved savings helps retailers implementing the most effective measures."