From Scraps to Compost

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Purpose of the project

When Neil Morgan joined the Chelsea Market property team in 2014, he set out to increase the number of tenants who were composting.


Chelsea Market is known for its many food related tenants, so it made sense to Morgan to focus on composting.  Chelsea Market is leading the industry in composting at a large mixed-use facility and will serve as a good model for other businesses who will soon have to comply with new composting legislation in New York.


By talking with the tenants and working with the hauler to educate them about composting, Morgan was able to increase the
number of tenants participating in the compost program to over 50%. Collectively, over 2,064,960 lbs. were diverted from the landfill from this practice.

“In a building with so many tenants, it’s not easy to put in place a plan for composting. It takes a lot of education and working with individual tenants to make it work. We are encouraged by participation so far and look forward to engaging even more in the upcoming years.”