SATO’s innovation model and cases SAFARI and SATO StudioHome

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Purpose of the project

In SATO, innovations are encouraged as a part of everyday work, both within SATO and in cooperation with outside parties. The aim is to gain a broader insight into current trends and the future of housing. Within SATO, innovative initiatives have been collected through the initiatives portal Verso since 2012. Through Verso anyone can submit an idea, which will then be redirected according to SATO’s innovation process. Cooperation with outside parties is also valued and in 2014 this led to the SAFARI project, in which the younger generation’s values and views on future living were of interest.


Within the innovation model, SATO studied affordable housing in three innovation groups. Around the same time, the SAFARI project was launched. In this project, young individuals would meet SATO’s customers and personnel and design their views on future living, and what kind of housing they would like to live in. Consequently, their ideas were rather similar to that of SATO’s own innovation groups, clearly showing the need for a new apartment model in the Finnish housing scene.


As a result of the SAFARI project and SATO’s innovation model, SATO StudioHome was created as a new housing solution for the Finnish rental market. The objectives of this concept are to provide affordable, functional, and high quality housing in the urban centers of Finland, where there is a high demand for smaller and affordable rental apartments. SATO StudioHome concept was launched in April 2015 and has received positive feedback from customers as well as government officials. The objective is to begin construction in 2016. A model of the apartment was shown at the Housing Fair Finland in Vantaa during the summer of 2015. SATO StudioHome concept is a great example of how innovations from various individuals can alter the field of housing in a positive way.



It has been very exciting to introduce a new housing concept for Finnish consumers, which has been specifically designed to meet their needs and wishes. SATO StudioHome offers a fresh and innovative alternative for affordable rental markets. We have received a lot of positive and encouraging feedback from customers, officials and professionals, e.g. 96% of Housing Fair Finland visitors gave positive feedback to SATO StudioHome concept. 

- Miikka Karjaluoto, (Investment Manager)