Roosevelt Landings Retrofit

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Purpose of the project

Roosevelt Landings is a 1,003-unit, mixed-income residential development built in 1975. The project includes a deep energy efficiency retrofit, including the installation of energy efficient boilers, a 300kwH combined heat and power plant and various energy efficient measures designed to save energy and increase resident comfort. The project is expected to reduce energy consumption at the building by at least 20 percent, provide back-up electricity for critical systems and reduce carbon emissions by 750 metric tons of pollutants each year. Reducing 750 metric tons of GHG emissions is equivalent to permanently removing 158 cars from the road.


The project at Roosevelt Landings was structured to improve the energy delivery infrastructure and energy efficiency leading to reduced operating costs with a minimum of capital expenditure by the owner. The Project consists of the following measures:

(1) Installation and operation of a combined heat and power plant (CHP) to provide electricity and thermal energy (for hot water);

(2) Replacement of ageing and inefficient DHW scotch marine boilers with energy efficient domestic hot water heaters;
(3) Insulation of concrete slab floors that lie below many apartments protruding over a street level pedestrian walkway;

(4) Installation of air barriers to improve the building thermal envelope and reduce energy wasting air loss in apartments, common areas, stairwells and equipment rooms; and

(5) Installation of programmable thermostats and window sensors to be installed in conjunction with Roosevelt Landings modification of wiring related to the existing sub meters. This will enable Roosevelt Landings to use the sub meters, bill tenants for electricity and better control heat in order to reduce energy usage in apartments.  


The project is exceeding projected performance. To date, the project is running a cumulative energy savings against baseline of 25%, and is exceeding economic and performance return projections. The Project has been featured in the New York Times, the New York Daily News, and the Commercial Observer. The Project also won the 2015 Novogradac Renewable Energy Power Award for Financial Innovation and the 2015 EBIE Award from the Urban Green Council for making huge strides in improving the performance of buildings.


The 1,003 unit Roosevelt Landings project is regarded as the largest energy retrofit on any existing multifamily building in New York State. Above all, we are excited about the advantages of the smart grid energy management system regulating heat loads and the co-generation systems ability to support building resiliency. 

- David Davenport