Residential Water Conservation

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Purpose of the project

USAA Real Estate Company and our development partners wanted to show case their high-end residential development with some innovative efforts to reduce potable water consumption in the drought stricken San Antonio. This highlights water conservation technology and stakeholder engagement from all parties involved.


San Antonio has been under drought conditions for years and water use restrictions exist for grass areas, aesthetic fountains, and other landscaped areas. Given that San Antonio has high relative humidity, HVAC equipment condensates heavily in this geographic area. The team designed the HVAC equipment to collect and pipe all HVAC condensate (from a total of 320 residential condensing units) to provide water supply to the on-site water feature, landscaping irrigation zones, a holding cistern, and a pond/retention area. This approach virtually eliminates the need for any potable water for exterior applications. In addition, the roof gutter system is piped to the stormwater pond as well, eliminating large volumes of run-off water that often occurs with Texas storms. 


The residential complex will be able to collect an estimated 4500 gallons (at peak summer demand) of water each day to provide water to the fountain and the 3 acres of park and landscape area! Aside from the direct water conservation benefits, this also is a great example of resiliency to weather patterns and a future challenge to provide sufficient clean water to the 2 million+ people in in the Greater San Antonio area.

"The water conservation efforts at The Residences at La Cantera are an example the innovative solutions that USAA Real Estate Company and our development partners embrace to reduce use of natural resources, mitigate asset risk through resiliency, save operating expenses, and ultimately drive financial performance to our assets and portfolio."