Renewable energy for tenants

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Purpose of the project

The purpose is to offer our tenants renewable electricity with a solid discount. This means lower GHG-emissions for our tenants.


Castellum, as one of the largest property owners in Sweden, purchases large quantities energy for heating and cooling of our buildings. By using our size as a large customer of our energy provider Castellum has closed a deal with our supplier with a healthy discount for our tenants to buy renewable energy.


All of Castellums tenants can now sign up to purchase renewable tenant electricity for their premises with a good discount. With the discount our tenants are able to purchase renewable energy for the same price as the regular Nordic energy mix.


”Castellum continuously strives to reduce energy consumption through operating efficiency as well as investments in energy-efficient technology. But to become even more successful in reducing the environmental impact from our properties we have to include our customers. One way of involving them is by signing green leases and to help our costumes to make easy green choices for their business. Our offer to buy negotiated renewable energy through us, using our strength as a large property owner, is one service that we provide our costumers.”

 - Filip Elland, Sustainability Coordinator Castellum