Queue Management System at Jem

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Purpose of the project

During peak retail seasons, the customer concierge at Jem tends to experience long queues, resulting in our shoppers having to spend a long time waiting in line to have their needs addressed.


The centre management team at Jem had implemented a queue management system at Jem, whereby shoppers are allowed to take a ticket at the concierge and are alerted via an SMS on their mobiles to inform them when to return to the concierge desk.


The queue management system had been successfully implemented, and this has helped to provide a better shopping experience at the centre for our customers, allowing them to utilise their time on shopping around the centre instead of having to queue at the concierge. This had also allowed the centre management team to build up their customer database (in conjunction with the JemX rewards programme), providing them a valuable marketing tool to enhance the shopper experience for our customers.


“Lendlease recognises, rewards and invests in innovation. We continually investigate and invest in new technologies, materials, processes, business models while meeting our customers’ existing and future needs.”

- Jenny Khoo, Head of Retail Operations – Singapore, Lendlease