Promotion of Installation of Energy Charging Facilities for Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Purpose of the project

AEON is promoting the installation of energy charging facilities for electric vehicles (EVs) as part of AEON ECO Project.
In order to contribute to mitigate the environmental impact in line with the national policy promoting the spread of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid cars, we have been promoting the installation of EV chargers at our malls to develop social infrastructure and enhance convenience for local customers.



We have been promoting installation of 1 standard charger and 1 quick charger at each mall. We utilize subsidies in accordance with the national policy and the vision of each local government.
Also, considering that electric vehicles (EVs) and charging stations for electric vehicles are diffusing all around the country, we intend to start charging a fee on the use of chargers (starting with quick chargers). When doing this, we plan to make the charging system adaptable not only to our WAON card (an electronic payment card) but also to each charging card of electric vehicle makers by cooperating with Nippon Charge Service, LLC.
In addition, as the innovation of our own, we use power generated by solar panels for EV chargers at AEON MALL Natori.



As of June 1, 2015, we have completed the installation of chargers in more than half of our malls, and they are widely used by our customers.
In the future, we plan to install charging station at almost all shopping malls, by which customers coming by EVs can have their vehicles charged while shopping. We believe this will enhance convenience for local customers and lead to mitigate environmental impacts.


"We understand that we have a social responsibility to develop shopping malls that coexist in harmony with the environment and with local communities and that our fulfillment of this responsibility leads to the continued growth of shopping malls in local communities. In order to realize a sustainable society and to deal with the spread of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid cars, we have been promoting the installation of chargers for electric vehicles (EV) at each mall, aiming to install them at all of our malls in the future."

-AEON MALL, Management Planning Department, Administration Division