Philips – Truly Connected Experiences, with Connected Lighting for Offices

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

“Our innovative partnership with Philips and Deloitte results in a new blueprint of sustainable development for the building industry. We are proud to implement and co-create this building management system to drive value for building owners, tenants and office workers. This project fits our ambition to stay in the driver’s seat for sustainable office innovation.”
Coen van Oostrom, OVG Founder and CEO


OVG Real Estate, in partnership with professional services firm Deloitte, opened The Edge, the world’s most sustainable office building, in Amsterdam earlier this year.

Deloitte wanted to create an intuitive, comfortable, and productive environment for employees. They also wanted to raise the bar on data analytics with revolutionary insights in the use of office space, paving the way for offices worldwide to reduce their CO2 footprints.

With many cutting-edge sustainability features, including a state-of-the-art connected lighting system from Philips Lighting, the 2,300 m2 multi-tenant building received the highest score ever awarded by BREEAM, the world’s leading design and assessment method for sustainable buildings.

Shared vision for a sustainable future
Deloitte is committed to demonstrating worldwide leadership in how advanced data analytics can create a more sustainable world. With its innovative and responsive illuminated environment, The Edge offers unprecedented insights into space and resource usage, while creating a premier experience for employees. These features enhance the total value of the facility, allowing OVG to attract and retain high-value tenants.

Designers kept three key objectives in mind while identifying a solution:

  • Integrate a connected lighting system seamlessly with the building as a whole
  • Enable customized solutions, purpose-built for the unique environment of The Edge
  • Create smart interfaces that allow individual users of the building to control the environment effortlessly

The installed system results from the shared vision of OVG Real Estate, Deloitte, and Philips.

The solution
The Philips connected lighting system uses Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) to connect office lighting fixtures to the building’s IT network. The use of these luminaires created impressive savings in installation and construction costs. As only Ethernet cables are used to power the luminaires, there was no need for separate power cabling.

With Envision lighting management software on the back end, the system acts as an information pathway, capturing, storing, and distributing information throughout the illuminated space. Integrated sensors capture anonymous data on room occupancy, temperature, and humidity, which the building owners can use for more efficient facility and energy management. Lighting can be reduced in low-occupancy areas, for example, to create a more sustainable and energy-efficient environment.

Individual employees, meanwhile, can create a truly personal space for themselves. A worker’s smartphone camera can detect a special code sent via the LED light beam, registering her exact location within the building. She then has the ability to control the lighting above her desk, even in an open-plan office space. Employees can also use the app to adjust the lighting and temperature in meeting rooms to suit their individual preferences.

The results
The solution at the Edge is the first, fully-realized connected lighting system anywhere in the world. It illuminates the building, but it also communicates and interacts with its environment. Office life becomes an immersive experience, with employees becoming active participants in personalizing their surroundings and making the building a more inviting place to work.

The Edge provides a glimpse into the future. It represents clean energy, connectivity, and the seamless integration of technology, and offers a truly connected experience for staff and visitors.

The system is expected to save Deloitte €100,000 in energy costs and €1.5m in space utilization costs.