Oyamayuen Harvest Walk Renovation

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Purpose of the project

"Oyama Yuen Harvest Walk" opened in 2007. It is located at the site of a once renowned and popular amusement park, ‘Oyama Yuenchi,’ approximately 40 minutes from Tokyo on high-speed railway. The site area covers approximately 1,200,000 square feet. We planned and implemented the renovation, e.g., energy efficiency retrofit and enhancement of green area, based on the visions outlined in our Environmental Charter. More specifically, the renovation aimed improving sustainability aspects, e.g., promoting resource recycling, enhancing safety and energy efficiency as well as economic aspects, e.g. revitalizing the facility, extending the staying time of customers to increase the sales. Since its reopen in April, 2014, we have seen significant progress in both aspects.


Oyama Yuen Harvest Walk was originally designed under the concept of “Shopping in the Park”, i.e., providing our customers with an open atmosphere as if they were shopping in a park. At its renewal in 2014, we even enhanced the idea to provide flavor of seasonal changes. We planted 170 trees and placed total 2,000 square meters of green area, including 11 “Omoigawa sakura trees”, native kind of cherry blossom to the area, to preserve local habitat. Parks in the facility are open to the public so that residents in the neighborhood can visit any time. In passageway made of recycled wood, many benches and stand lights are located to accommodate visitors. Playgrounds for children such as water fountain or playing equipment are paved with rubber tips for their safety. We have an outdoor stage that can be used to organize concerts or any types of events. We play “the streets waltz” on pedestrian walk to enhance walkability. Within the facility, we have introduced LED lights, energy efficient HVAC system, water-saving equipment and reused/recycled materials to reduce GHG emissions.


Our green area and water permeable pavement return 6,000 cubic meters of rainwater every year to the ground. Large green area is also mitigating heat island effect along with mist shower, water fountains, and sunshades located alongside the roads. Our outdoor stage is used for concerts and workshops every weekend, gathering more visitors.

Total facility area was expanded after the renovation, however, comparing one year before and after the renovation, the energy use was reduced by 1.1%. Installation of energy efficient HVAC system and switching to LED lights indeed contributed to the reduction. While energy use was decreased, we enjoyed increased sales by 15% and increased number of visitors by 9 %. During holidays the number of visitors increased by approximately 22%. Sales also increased by approximately 13%. There was a large impact on the entire property’s business success thanks to the renovations. We have achieved the win-win situation.


"When designing retail facilities, JRF intends to provide public spaces such as parks and greenery as much as possible to enhance walkability of visitors. At Oyama Yuen Harvest Walk, we have created environmentally conscious commercial space fully coordinated with the landscape, where customers can enjoy our concept of ‘Shopping in the park’. This holistic approach has given a significant impact on renovating other shopping malls and become a new precedent in Japan."

-Toru Tsuji, 
President and CEO,
Mitsubishi Corp.-UBS Realty Inc.