New Skills and Tools for Real Estate Investors and Analysts

Friday, September 4, 2015

The 2015 GRESB results paint a rich picture of the rapid evolution of environmental, social, and governance issues across the global property industry. Data from 707 companies and funds reveal trends in all aspects of ESG management performance, including a steady increase in overall sustainability scores – rising 19% since the previous year’s report. ESG data coverage also continues to increase, notably including 56% of the FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Developed Index and 93% of the NFI-ODCE index.

With new 2015 data available, real estate investors and analysts are faced with a challenge: How can they best use this information to inform decision-making? GRESB is offering a new training to prepare investors and analysts to understand, interpret, and apply ESG data.

In a fast-paced, 3.5-hour session, investors and analysts will:

  1. Learn about ESG data available for property companies and funds.
  2. Hear from local experts on current strategies used to apply ESG information during multiple phases of the investment process.
  3. Receive technical instruction on GRESB’s Scorecard, detailed Benchmark Reports, and on-line Portfolio Analysis Tool.

The training will prepare investors to quantitatively analyze multiple aspects of fund-level ESG performance. Analysts will gain the skills needed to identify opportunities for improvement in specific sustainability measures, such as energy, water, and waste management.

Review the training agenda and register now for the first training held in partnership with REALpac in Toronto, Canada.

Sander Paul van Tongeren (GRESB Head of Europe, formerly Head of Sustainability Global Real Estate and Infrastructure, APG Asset Management) and I will lead the Toronto training.

More training opportunities are coming soon.