New GRESB Partner Profiles Link Practice and Performance

Saturday, April 30, 2016

GRESB applies systematic assessment, objective scoring, and peer benchmarking to inform investors and participating companies and funds about environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance of real assets. This allows investors and participants to recognize leadership and understand relative strengths and weaknesses. This transparency is essential for engaged, responsible investment.

Yet, transparency is only the beginning of an organization’s efforts to improve its performance over time. It sets the foundation for asking critical questions:

  • How are leading firms consistently outperforming their peers or improving year-over-year?
  • Who is helping them do it?
  • What products and services are they using?

This week, we took a first step toward answering these questions by releasing GRESB Partner Profiles. The Profiles present a new tool for GRESB Partners to share their insights and describe the contributions of their products and services. For example, Partner Profiles offer information about:

GRESB partners are independent organizations, and GRESB does not specifically endorse their services. We recognize that these organizations are important participants in the GRESB community, actively supporting GRESB participants. We believe they are aligned with our mission of increasing transparency and improving ESG performance.

We are just getting started with these Profiles. Over time, we will expand this resource to provide richer, contextual information to help investors and participant understand the people and strategies companies and funds are using to manage individual issues and overall performance.

Please contact our Partners directly to learn more about their work. For more information about creating a Profile for your organization, contact Rumyana Hristova, GRESB‘s Director of Communications & PR.