Myer Centre Brisbane - Carpark Ventilation Control Project (Retrofi VSDs)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Purpose of the project

An energy assessment at Myer Centre Brisbane identified that the multi-level underground car park was responsible for a significant portion of energy use at the centre. Further investigation led to an opportunity to improve the efficiency of the car park ventilation system by installing Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) on exhaust fans and implementation a controlling strategy. This project was expected to dramatically improve the energy efficiency of the asset, reducing operating costs and improving the NABERS Energy rating.



Although VSD technology has been well established for quite some time, the approach taken by the centre team to implement as well as the scale of improvement achieved from this single project is worthy of highlighting as a case study.

The approach taken included development of a strategy for measurement and verification of the project, and a post implementation review to ensure the project was delivered effectively and the results achieved were meeting our targets. The energy consultants that conducted the energy assessment worked with the centre to develop the project business case and implementation strategy. The scope of works included:
Installation of VSDs on constant speed car park fans;
Re-instatement of CO control for all car park fans;
Verification that all existing car park fan VSDs were operational;
Verification that all sensors were functional and accurate; and,
Implement control strategy for fans.

The consultants were also involved in the tender process, including specification development, to ensure that the project was delivered as per the design intent. Prior to implementation, a baseline was established by installing meters on individual car park fans’ electrical circuits to clearly determine the impact on electricity consumption.



The business case was based on the expected results of:
Reduction in electricity of 2.1 million kWh per annum (19% reduction in total energy use for the centre)
Financial benefit of $180,000 per annum at a project cost of $360,000, with a payback of around 2 years.

Practical completion was achieved in October 2014. Since then, the actual verified performance shows we are meeting our targets. Furthermore, the centre’s finance team has seen the impact translate into real savings on our operating costs.


“Novion Property Group and Federation Centres completed our merger on 12 June 2015. The Myer Centre Brisbane Car Park Ventilation Control case study reflects the Merged Group’s continued commitment to Sustainability. We are working hard to bring the best of both entities together as part of our integration, which includes reviewing and improving our entire approach to Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability.“