Long term cooperation with local school in Gothenburg

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Purpose of the project

Helping youngsters in social segregated areas in Gothenburg to a brighter future.


For more than 10 years Castellum, in Gothenburg, has cooperated with the local school Brunnsboskolan. Brunnsboskolan si located in Hisingen which is an area with major social issues eg. segregation. Together with the young students Castellum helps out with creating meaningful projects for the students, eg. creating the cities of the future. Castellum also help the students on how to get a job in the future and inspire the youngsters on how to get there.


The coorperation with Brunnsboskolan has been a success for many years and has won awards and been highlighted by media quite a few times.


”For Castellum, as a major player, it is important to take responsibility. As a part of our social responsibility there are on-going collaborations with universities, colleges and elementary schools at several locations regarding thesis writing and mentoring. One example is our 10 year long cooperation with the local elementary school, Brunnsboskolan in Gothenburg, which gives us the opportunity to meet the next generation of employees and we are proud to provide the children with inspiration and insight for their future career.”

-Filip Elland, Sustainability Coordinator Castellum