The Link Together Initiatives

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Purpose of the project

"The Link Together Initiatives" the flagship as charity and community engagement programme of The Link REIT, was established to support eligible charitable organizations in launching relevant service projects that benefit the communities near The Link REIT's properties. This programme is set up with the objective of advancing sustainable development in the communities that The Link REIT serves and furthering The Link REIT's vision of serving and improving the lives of the people around us.


Every year, The Link REIT contributes an amount up to 0.25% of its net property income of the previous financial year to the programme. No awarded organizations will be granted a budget of more than 30% of the total granted funds.


Established in 2012 as part of The Link REIT's ongoing commitment to sustainable development. In the year under review, upon the recommendation of the programme's selection committee and with endorsement from the Board, 9 charity and community projects for an aggregate amount of charitable donations and sponsorships of HK$7.5 million were approved. The themes of all these projects are in line with the twin-focus of the programme, which are to support (i) the well-being of the elderly and the disadvantaged and (ii) the education, training and development of children and youth services, in the communities near the real estate owned and/or operated by The Link REIT in Hong Kong. The internal auditor of the Manager carried out periodic reviews to ensure that the selection process and allocation of funds are within the rules of the programme and in accordance with its defined objectives.


"Link Together Initiatives further advance our sustainable development and the communities that we serve, building on our existing community engagement initiatives. The initiatives offer us a more agile way of expanding the community engagement work, better support the sustainable development of local communities by way of charitable donations and sponsorships."