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Services: Tenant Surveys; Resident Surveys; Employee Surveys; Client Surveys; Investor Surveys; Broker Surveys; Strategic Consulting

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Since 1985, real estate leaders have turned to Kingsley Associates to maximize their portfolio and organizational performance. Our comprehensive suite of research and benchmarking tools assess firm performance and competitive position based on direct feedback from key stakeholders. Kingsley’s primary services include tenant and resident surveys, broker perception surveys, client / investor surveys, employee engagement studies, and peer benchmarking programs. In response to the need for performance-based benchmarks, Kingsley Associates developed the Kingsley IndexSM, which is now the largest and most comprehensive database of customer satisfaction metrics available to the real estate industry.

Kingsley Associates currently surveys key stakeholders on 6 continents and in 18 languages around the world. With a depth and breadth of insight unmatched in the industry, Kingsley Associates brings thought leadership and exceptional client service to every engagement. Our sophisticated reporting and analytics platform provides real estate firms with performance dashboards and action plans tailored to users at all levels of the organization, from senior executive to property manager. Our tenant survey tools allow real estate investors and managers to monitor issues that directly impact occupancy and property performance, including satisfaction with property features and amenities, quality of service delivery, leasing and space priorities, and the impact of sustainability initiatives.

Our executives are committed industry professionals with decades of experience in real estate. Our reputation lies in building lasting relationships with our clients and a focus on delivering value in all we do. We help solve complex issues and identify opportunities to enhance portfolio performance. Let us apply our world-class capabilities to your business goals.