Innovative lifter for utility/ sewer hole covers

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Purpose of the project

The sewer/utility covers are extremely heavy and therefore pose difficulties to the technicians to carry out the monthly servicing required. The centre's operation management team was tasked to find solutions to this problem.


The centre's operations management team considered various options, including looking at the various lifters available in the marketplace, and upon brainstorming, the team came up with a creative solution by designing and creating a customized device utilising a hydraulic jack as a lifter. The device is made of two hydraulic jacks bridged by a steel-bar, and on it, there are hooks that can be used to lift the covers. The team had successfully tested the device and it is currently in use to perform the lifting tasks.


This has resulted not only in an increase of efficiency, as it requires less manpower to do the task but has also reduced the potential injuries arising from heavy lifting.

“Operating safely, sustainably, respecting diversity and being customer focused are all in Lendlease’s DNA. They support our vision of creating the best places which is underpinned by a long history of an approach where environmental and social outcomes are given equal priority to economic. Providing a safe working environment for our employees and stakeholders is one of our key guiding principles supporting our vision. Our ability to achieve sustainable business outcomes innovatively allows us to create places where people want to be, places that contribute to communities, are productive and ultimately, valued by all involved.”

- Jenny Khoo, Head of Retail Operations, Singapore, Lendlease