Hoogstraat 27, the Hague, from F to A

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Purpose of the project

Vastned is a listed European retail property company focusing on venues for premium shopping. Vastned invests in selected cities in Europe and in Istanbul, with a clear focus on the best retail property in the most popular
shopping streets in the bigger cities (premium city high street shops).

The purpose of the project was to extend the lifetime and functionality of this almost 120 year old premium city high street shop, while improving the energy efficiency. Furthermore, adaptive reuse circumvents the wasteful process of demolition and reconstruction by retaining the original building's “embodied energy”.
Vastned took the opportunity to renovate one of its premium city high street shops and make this renovation worthwhile for all stakeholders: increasing tenant satisfaction, improving energy efficiency, preserving cultural heritage, contributing to the liveliness of historical inner cities and optimising rental levels.


Over 2014, Vastned has renovated a number of properties, one of which was Hoogstraat 27 in The Hague, leased to Credo men’s fashion. Credo, a specialist in luxury brands like Moncler, Philipp Plein and Gucci, is a tenant of Vastned since the early nineties. The shop is located in the most bespoke shopping street in The Hague that dates back to the early 19th century.

In cooperation with the tenant Vastned created an additional 160 square metres of retail space by making optimum use of the upper floors, extending the shop at the rear and creating more light through bigger window panes both in front, the middle and the back of the shop.
In this renovation, the property was fully stripped to its core and shell.
Vastned used sustainable materials and opted for a moss sedum roof (green roof covering) in combination with other energy saving measures: wall/roof insulation, window replacements (HR ++), new efficient automation system and installations and LED lights throughout. 


For an property of almost 120 years old, improving the property to satisfy all stakeholders is often challenging. Improving the energy label for this high street shop from F to A was a great result. It’s like going to the garage and turning a Hummer into a Tesla.


"Renovation leads to win-win situation for all stakeholders"