Green Rating Logistic Remote Assessment Tool

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Purpose of the project

To facilitate the GRESB submissions, European Industrial Fund (EIF) on behalf of CBRE Global Investors has developed together with GRA a tool that simplifies data gathering and initial rating of logistic properties, whilst supporting the GRESB submission at the same - The Green Rating Logistic Remote Assessment Tool.
This tool is aimed to be filled in by property managers, whilst the calculation and presentation of the results will be provided by Bureau Veritas.


The development process of this tool is focused on the following aspects:

• Economically – ensure a quality data collection and review for a reasonable pricing;
• Flexibility – to ensure results can be provided with incomplete datasets;
• Simplicity – to ensure the tool and the process are easy to understand;
• Minimalism – to ensure the minimum amount of information is required;
• Cooperation – to allow tenant specific information to be easily imported;
• Automation – to ensure that no other actions than simple data input need to be done manually
• Speed – to ensure that data entry time can be reduced to a minimum


With the data being collected and analysed, we are able to see which properties require greater attention, how we perform against our peers and what the Sustainability Profile of our portfolio is. As the data is stored in one place, we are also able to track improvement – not only direct reduction of energy and water consumption or of Carbon Dioxide emission, but also evolution of the quality of the assessed properties.

Undertaken annually, the GRA Remote Assessment will visually show which properties improve from the physical and operational perspective and which do not evolve.

As the results are also normalised, we can use them to:
• Set improvement targets (also against ISO 14001 requirements);
• Use them to track effectiveness of improvement projects;
• Check the impact of adverse weather conditions or occupancy on the property performance;
• Score better in the annual GRESB survey;
• Get the first indication of incorrect operational practices or inefficient building equipment;
• Communicate with our tenants on the properties they occupy.


Ensuring a consistent, efficient and structured process is the core of all of CBRE Global Investors’ procedures. Therefore the development of Green Rating Alliance’s Remote Assessment Tool for Logistics fits perfectly in our overall approach. The reporting option to the GRESB survey is an opportunity we don’t want to miss for next years’ submissions and are also looking forward to use this great tool for other asset types

- Pieter Hendrikse, CEO EMEA, CBRE Global Investors


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