The Green Army Initiative

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Purpose of the project

This initiative aims inculcate the habits of green and sustainable living in school children through a series of interactive workshops and an online engagement module.

Key Objectives:
Create an education module & reach out program for school kids on areas of Sustainable living
Promote students to carry out the message and be change agents of sustainable living habits
The end objective of the campaign is to bring about a lasting behavioral transformation in the lifestyle of the participants as well as their close family and friends – “A million caring citizens.”



- This was part of Mahindra Lifespaces' Thought Leadership Initiative.
- Conducted an internal need assessment and determined the important role of behavioral changes in promoting sustainability at the building/city level.
- Feedback was taken from Mahindra World School, Chennai validate the need and confirm the right age group of students. Similar feedback were taken from 3 schools in Mumbai
- Students (age 8-10) were then selected as the ideal target group to be change agents to promote sustainable living and spread the message to their close family and friends. Measures undertaken to inform, excite and garner employee participation & Steps taken to prepare for the activity: Senior management were presented with the concept and feedback was sorted at all stages
- Employees were encouraged to volunteer for workshops through email/in-person. Total of 30 internal employees volunteered to conduct Green Army Workshops. A copy of emailer is shown in following slide



  1. Students were identified as change agents to have greater influence on immediate families and society2. Instead of having a sermonish approach, an animated video was the key tool to communicate hard-to-grasp concepts of Climate Change, Water Saving, Global Warming, Food Miles, Etc.3. Live demonstrations using games and experiments were also used to further ingrain the concepts during the interaction. (sustainable transportation, food-miles, water efficiency through low-flow fixtures, energy efficiency (light bulbs) light fixtures

    4. A “report card” to measure and monitor progress of the new-habits also helped the students take the habits home and practice them till perfected.

    5. Competition among schools also helped increase participation and ensure follow up of the new-habits. (Please see for more details)

    6. The unique online engagement module of the initiative allows participants to practice the habits over the course of the month and monitor their and their classmate’s progress. (Please see for more details)

    The project achieved following results:
    1. Students covered: 2565
    2. Schools covered: 13
    3. People covered: 12825
    4. Water saved: 32 million litres
    5. Electricity saved: 923 MWh
    6. GHG reduction: 831 tCO2

    "The Green Army Initiative is part of Mahindra Lifespaces’ efforts to inspire, engage and nurture a young ecosystem that thinks responsibly.  Children can shape their future now, via choices made in everyday life.  Along the way, we’ve also learned that the instinct to preserve and protect the environment is inherent in young minds."