Geothermal heating and cooling

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Purpose of the project

Australand is trialing geothermal heating and cooling technology at one of its industrial warehouse developments in Eastern Creek that is due for completion June 2015. The system will provide the air conditioning for the office component


Geothermal heating and cooling has been installed as the office air conditioning system in this development. The geothermal technology used is refrigerant based and consists of 8 geothermal loops each with a depth of 50m. These loops are connected to 4 heat pumps which in turn are connected to internal fan coil units. Australand has partnered with QPS Geothermal and Actron Air to deliver an Australian based solution to this technology, resulting in not only significantly increased energy efficiency but also increased capacity in the local market for this technology.


The pilot of the QPS GeoAir system at the Eastern Creek project is something that could have much broader applications across industrial developments. It is initially being trialled for the airconditioning of the office area of an industrial project, but the efficiencies it offers could be of enormous benefit for climate-controlled warehousing facilities where cooling is required for large parts of the year. The cooling cycle is where the system achieves the largest gains in terms of energy efficiency with COPs of 7 to 8 achieved during trials and testing, indicating an efficiency gain for heating and cooling of 50-60% over a conventional inverter driven split air conditioning system which we would typically install for this application.


"We believe that this pilot project will trigger much broader market transformation of the technology across the office and industrial sectors. This initiative has reinforced our commitment to delivering tangible benefit to our customers through considered innovation.”