The Fillmore Center

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Purpose of the project

The Fillmore Center is a shining example of Laramar’s outstanding capabilities in sustainable practices. In November 2010, the Fillmore Center, a multifamily mixed-use property with over one million square feet of usable space, received the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Silver for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance certification.
The Fillmore Center is the largest LEED Silver multifamily property in the country in Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance (EBOM) category; the third largest facility by square footage on the West Coast with the EBOM rating; the 18th largest facility with Silver and above certification in the U.S. for existing buildings.


In 1998, the company started its $46 million retrofit, which included replacing all the mechanical systems and installing variable frequency drivers on the elevators, in addition to replacing roofs, windows and exterior coatings. Elastomeric building coatings, essentially rubberized coatings, were put into place because many of the buildings’ seals and joints weren’t constructed properly originally.
Laramar partnered with the public utility commission to replace over 5,500 water devices including 3.5 gallon toilets with dual-flush fixtures, low flow aerators and showerheads. These replacements resulted in an annual savings of $159,338, and a 38 percent reduction in water use amounting to a conservation average of 6,304,434 gallons per year.
Laramar implemented an enhanced waste stream program, allowing residents to recycle and compost, including items such as electronics, furniture and toxic materials. The recycling program attributed to 17 percent of waste being diverted yearly from landfills. Management also adopted a Sustainable Purchasing Policy and a Green Cleaning Policy that favored and encouraged sustainable cleaning materials to reduce or eliminate the use of harmful chemicals.

Laramar also implemented a lighting retrofit program. Once all of our recommended energy conservation measures were implemented, The Fillmore Center saw electrical usage decrease by 19 percent. We installed 904 light fixtures in the stairwells, rooftops, mechanical rooms, electrical rooms, commercial corridors, and commercial bathrooms of the property and modified 1,089 fixtures in the garages to significantly reduce energy consumption. The project included the replacement of any inefficient bulbs and ballasts. As a result, 1,371 lamps and 338 ballasts were replaced.


Laramar’s programs and initiatives, combined with our superior service and company culture, have made us a leader in the apartment industry. We are proud of our innovative and creative attitude, and we believe these combinations help us continue to make our growing portfolio a true success.


The Laramar Group strives to create sustainable communities. To achieve this, it’s critical that we operate our properties with sustainability in mind, from the products we purchase and our operational practices to how we engage with our residents. The following serve as our platform:
· Sustainable Infrastructure
· Ongoing operations/maintenance
· Resident engagement/employee participation