EarthView In

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Purpose of the project

Our unique approach to lodging extends to how we view the importance of sustainability, as demonstrated by our award-winning EarthView program. EarthView was created as a strategic initiative to create value through a comprehensive and analytically based program focused on positive investments that reduce our environmental impact and enhance our community engagement.


In this way, EarthView complements Hersha's broader business strategy and also ensures that as environmental and social initiatives move from electives to mandates, Hersha is well positioned. Furthermore, EarthView provides Hersha competitive advantages given the program's superior portfolio-wide energy, water and waste practices that have lowered the Company's environmental impact, while producing property-level savings.

In lodging, we open the doors of our properties to customers every day. For this reason, we continuously seek to enhance the quality of our assets and service to our guests. EarthView resonates well with our stakeholders' growing interest in sustainability. In its four years of existence, EarthView has strengthened Hersha's position as an industry leader.


This report was shared with thousands of our stakeholders including investors, industry contacts, community partners, and potential guests.



“Hersha Hospitality Trust’s EarthView program has provided us with an industry leading platform for integrating sustainability through a triple bottom line approach across our portfolio.”

 -Bennett Thomas, Senior Vice President of Finance and Sustainability, Hersha Hospitality Trust