COPT Public Art Program

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Purpose of the project

A meaningful, tangible way COPT has found to contribute to the communities where we live, work and serve is by collaborating with artists to commission and/or acquire works of art to display in visible and accessible locations throughout our office parks. By commissioning and purchasing these pieces, both outdoors for its business parks and indoors for its office buildings, COPT creates environments that foster an ongoing appreciation for the visual arts.



Since 2000, COPT has invested in 12 significant exterior art installations in five of its business parks. Because of their locations, these works of art are enjoyed by thousands of people each year and have become an integral part of the surrounding communities. COPT has also placed more than 500 works of art including sculptures, paintings, tapestries and photographs in its parks and buildings across five states and the District of Columbia.



Both actual and anticipated results include building social and cultural capital through a shared identity and pride in public space, leading to positive community norms such as tolerance and free expression, and thus improving individuals' sense of belonging and attachment to the community. The Americans for the Arts organization BCA – 10 award recognized COPT as one of the Best Companies Supporting the Arts in America. This distinction further validates COPT’s initiative to inspire, stimulate creativity and motivate high performance employees to grow and help create successful businesses.


“COPT is committed to creating vibrant places in our parks that offer improved access to well-planned outdoor green space.  We have consistently found that adding artwork as an element of this program delivers an enhanced experience for our tenants and the greater community.”

-Wayne Lingafelter, President of COPT Development and Construction Services