Continuous indoor comfort measurement for performance contracts

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Purpose of the project

Altera has implemented a continuous measurement system for Indoor air quality and comfort at several locations in seven office buildings. The Dutch Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) carries out the project. With the results, tenants can login and see the measured actual performance compared to the calculated performance (for temperature based on the so called ATG method). Also, maintenance contractors can receive an automatic warning if threshold values are exceeded. Complaints from tenants can thus be prevented in the future.


Seven office buildings are equipped with several sensors as well as a 3G communications unit. The measurement system is deliberately not integrated with the building control system to enable independent and reliable control. The measurements are communicated to a webserver, where key users (tenant, property management, maintenance contractor) can view the results. Alerts can be set if values are exceeded, for instance indoor temperature. This enables the use of performance contracts with tenants and maintenance contractors.


The measurement system works and enables external property managers as well as tenants to view the actual comfort levels in the building and check if these values correspond with the calculated performance. In 2015, the interface for tenants will be enhanced, to increase the usability and insights.


“For Altera Vastgoed, achieving optimum comfort levels and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) for tenants is an important precondition in the realization of sustainability objectives”