B&Q Eco Learning Store, Merthyr Tydfil

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Purpose of the project

The development of this new store for B&Q at our retail park in Merthyr Tydfil was designed to minimise carbon emissions through the use of design, insulation and new technology.


The B&Q eco-learning store at Cyfarthfa Retail Park in Merthyr Tydfil features a range of sustainable initiatives that present a significant improvement in its environmental performance when compared to a similar store. The project also represents a highly collaborative approach between landlord, tenant and main contractor to achieve sustainable outcomes. A set of best practice sustainability targets were agreed between Hammerson and B&Q, above and beyond the necessary requirements of the local planning authority. The targets address the following areas of environmental performance: energy and carbon intensity, embodied carbon, recycled content, responsibly sourced timber, waste generation, water consumption, biodiversity and adaptation to climate change.

In response to these targets, the eco-learning store includes features such as a rainwater harvesting system, green roof, sustainable materials, low energy lighting and an innovative “Transpired Solar Collector” system which provides renewable heat and therefore significantly reduces the heating energy consumed and carbon footprint of the store.
The B&Q eco-learning store presents a highly sustainable blueprint for retail parks and demonstrates what can be achieved by working landlord and tenants working collaboratively.


There are a number of metrics that demonstrate the reduced environmental impact of the B&Q eco-learning store. These are:
B-rated (29) Energy Performance Certificate (EPC attached)
23% reduction in embodied carbon relative to industry bench mark standards for similar retail developments (0.336 tCO2e/m2 ‘cradle to gate including transport achieved)
50% water consumption provided by the rainwater harvesting system (estimated)
90% of construction waste diverted from landfill (waste data attached)
43% reduction in gas consumption given the reduction in space heating energy met by the transpired solar collector system (estimated)
100% of permanent and temporary timber FSC certified and partial project certification obtained.
During September 2014, 2,500 kWh of renewable heat was delivered to the building. It has been estimated that the TSC system will payback in 3 years based on predicted reductions in gas bills.


“Working with B&Q to create their Eco-Learning Store at Merthyr Tydfil was an excellent example of Hammersons’s sustainability commitments in practice. It was based on partnership and collaboration with B&Q, an appetite to innovate from both parties, and has achieved excellent outcomes in terms of protecting the environment."