Pilot for Carbon Reduction

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Purpose of the project:

The purpose of the project was to develop a pilot for Carbon Reduction and begin to manage Scope 3 Emissions as a part of meeting ongoing operations. Using the contract negotiations with the Facilicom/GOM, the cleaning contractor for Maasmechelen Village, the Village Operations team identified a series of efficiencies, which both met the service standards for the asset and reduced the carbon footprint of the project.


After the operations team defined the required service levels, the cleaning contractor undertook a detailed audit of the cleaning operations and the resulting carbon footprint with the assistance of Zero Emissions Solutions, a company specialized in sustainability management. The audit analysed the carbon emissions from the use of electricity, water, transportation, cleaning products, and waste management. Measuring the 2013 baseline carbon footprint of the cleaning company, to meet the service levels, Facilicom/GOM’s emissions were measured at approximately 25.4 tonnes CO2. The key source impacts identified were: transportation, electricity, the gas powered cleaning equipment, and the products.


The analysis produced a list of recommendations, which included: changes in transportation, changing to electric powered cleaning equipment (vs gas fuel), increasing the percentage of sustainable cleaning products, and changing the methodology for cleaning to reduce the amount of products required. The project has also been qualified to receive a Carbon Compensation Certificate’. Nothwithstanding the merits of this recognition, the key benefit of the project is to be a template for evaluating how business needs are met in the context of efficiency and the mitigation of factors affecting climate change.

“Understanding the impacts of our own operations and the services our vendors and contractors provide to us is an important step in being able to exercise better influence and control over these activities. We see this awareness as a pillar of responsible asset management.” - Value Retail PLC