GRESB Infrastructure Participant Training

Thursday, March 16, 2017

New in 2017, GRESB introduces an introductory participant training program for infrastructure.

GRESB participant training programs offer hands-on educational experience, addressing all aspects of sustainability in infrastructure as covered by the GRESB Infrastructure Assessment. Trainings combine theoretical characteristics of each GRESB topic with its practical applicability, demonstrated through various examples.

GRESB Infrastructure training courses are offered from March to end of April, aimed at infrastructure operating companies and fund managers and other professionals involved in infrastructure investment and sustainability management. Courses are delivered via face-to-face group sessions, in select locations across regions with GRESB participation, including Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

GRESB Infrastructure Training

GRESB Infrastructure Training addresses the fundamental ‘how to’ and ‘what’ of the GRESB Infrastructure Assessment. The session delivers a high-level view of GRESB as an organization and benchmarking tool, and demonstrates the assessment scope, processes and scoring mechanisms.

Who should attend

  • First time GRESB participants who want to gain a basic understanding of GRESB reporting processes and its applications
  • Professionals completing the GRESB Infrastructure Assessment or working on the collection and management of infrastructure sustainability-related performance data
  • Infrastructure professionals such as fund and asset managers, consultants, sustainability managers, etc., involved in the implementation of the various aspects of infrastructure efficiency and sustainability
  • Governance, human resources and organizational management personnel who want to gain a basic understanding of the GRESB Infrastructure ESG framework

Format and Materials

GRESB Training programs are delivered in face-to-face group setting
Delivered via 2.5 core instruction hours
Each session has a minimum of 5, and a maximum of 25 participants

Training materials include:

  • Slide deck, study guide and case studies
  • Upon completion of the program, training attendees receive a “certificate of completion”

Dates and Locations

Asia Pacific
March 9 – Sydney: GRESB Infrastructure Training Register HERE
For DISCOUNT CODES for Asia/Pacific trainings, please email Sacha van Tuijn at
North America
March 9 – New York: GRESB Infrastructure Training Register HERE
For DISCOUNT CODES for North America trainings, please email Sacha van Tuijn at
March 16 – London: GRESB Infrastructure Training Register HERE

Cost and Special Offers

GRESB Infrastructure Training First Attendee Additional Attendees3
Any current or prospective participants or advisors EUR 250 EUR 150
GRESB Members1 Free EUR 150
Partners EUR 250 EUR 150
Premier Partners Free EUR 150
Global Partners2 Free EUR 150

1One free attendee per member organization

2One free attendee per region

3Fee per attendee

Thursday, March 16, 2017