Monday, April 24, 2017

May 15, 16 - Singapore

APREA ASIAPAC PROPERTY Leaders Summit Singapore 2017

Navigating Disruption ...real estate strategies for growth and outperformance

Join Asia’s real estate leaders to explore:

  • How AsiaPac real estate wins from Brexit and Trump – 2017 will be a tectonic turning point for politics, consumers and markets. There’ll be more political and economic disruption, but also plenty of opportunities.
  • Hear about the real estate investment playbook suited to these disruptive times.
  • China and India – get briefed on the dynamics driving the world’s fastest growing real estate markets.
  • Bold new real estate frontiers – hear about property markets that will reach the top of investor rankings (and those falling behind).
  • The fight for capital – inbound to Asia versus outbound to the rest of the world: what is the prognosis for cross-border real estate capital flows during the next three years?
  • The real asset class revolution – REIT and PE platforms are flourishing as new investment styles proliferate.
  • Opco-propco approaches, debt-funds, and more than a dozen new REIT types herald a revitalized investment class. Which of the rising styles show the most promise?
  • Market makers – hear from investors who are actively re-framing their growth strategies. How do they plan to move the investment needle? Which cities and investment platforms get a thumbs-up?
  • The Investment Committee – back by popular demand: the industry's canniest deal-makers offer their buy, sell or hold calls on specific property projects across the region.
  • Fintech, robots and real estate – commercial real estate may soon be at the epicenter of the blockchain and fintech revolutions. Hear how you can position your business to maximum advantage.
  • Real estate futures [SPOILER ALERT!] – APREA’s new forecasting time machine offers candid insights into the market’s new alpha-bets: get an inside track to the A to Z of real estate outperformance in a disrupted business environment.

For more information and to register for the event, please visit http://www.apreasummit.asia.

Monday, May 15, 2017