2017 GRESB Assessments now open for participation

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The 2017 GRESB Assessments, the industry standard that assesses sustainability practices in the real asset sector, including real estate and infrastructure, are now open for participation.

This year’s GRESB Assessments provide a more streamlined reporting process, from asset to portfolio. The online GRESB Portal now includes improved features to simplify reporting, including new “upload library” functionality, to ensure an accurate and complete submission.

To participate, please log into the GRESB Portal to:

  • Confirm participation to your stakeholders;
  • Check that your details and any invited user details are up to date;
  • Access our Real Estate Portal Guide or Infrastructure Portal Guide and become familiar with the tools and resources available to help you complete the 2017 GRESB Assessment;
  • Start working on the submission early to have maximum time to complete the Assessment response;
  • Complete the Assessment by July 1 at which time the GRESB Portal closes.

Contact the GRESB helpdesk either by phone, Monday to Friday, 9am - 6pm CEST at +31 (0)20 7740220, or by email via info@gresb.com.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017