2016 GRESB Infrastructure Results and Data Release - October 11

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

GRESB will release the results and data from the inaugural 2016 GRESB Infrastructure Assessment on October 11 with a special event in New York hosted by GRESB Member J.P. Morgan Asset Management. This event is followed by a panel discussion at the IPE Real Estate & Real Assets and Infrastructure Investment Strategies Conference on October 13 in London. Join us!

  • October 11 - 2016 GRESB Infrastructure Results Global Launch - New York – Register
  • October 13 - IPE Real Estate & Real Assets and Infrastructure Investment Strategies Conference – London - If you are interested in attending the panel discussion you need to register for the conference. For more information and to register, visit the IPE events page.


  • 2016 GRESB Infrastructure Report - The Report will offer a summary of the aggregate data with an overview and analyses of response rate, leading ESG trends and the current state of sustainability integration in global infrastructure investments as reflected by the 2016 GRESB data.
  • Scorecards - All GRESB Infrastructure Assessment participants will receive a Scorecard with a summary of their overall performance and information on each GRESB Indicator (for funds) or Aspect (for assets).
  • Benchmark Reports provide an in-depth analysis of a participant’s sustainability performance. They contain question-by-question analyses and peer group comparisons for each of the sections in the GRESB Assessment.
  • GRESB Portal - Investor Members have access to GRESB data for all their investments. Investors can view and download individual Assessment and Benchmark Reports for each of their investments via the GRESB Member Portal.
  • Portfolio Analysis Tool - Investors can use the Portfolio Analysis Tool to compare results for a particular region or a particular sector. They can also perform portfolio analysis for self-selected groups of their investments, including application of weights and customized benchmarks.